Delicately crunchy without the sugars

Our granolas are gluten, dairy, soy free BUT not delicious free. Sweetened with honey or maple syrup, our granola is 2-5 g of sugar per SERVING!


Not too hard, Not too soft. Find your goldilocks in our granola bars.

Our granola bars are gluten, dairy, soy free BUT not delicious free. Sweetened with honey and coconut sugar, our granola bars are 7-9 g of sugar per SERVING!

Granola Bars

What our customers are saying:

This product is amazing! The granola bars have a firm but not crumbly texture and the taste, oh my, it is a flavor wonderland! I have been GF and DF for quite some time and it is difficult to find a granola bar that doesn't taste and feel like dirt. All the products that I bought from The Gourmet Granola get a 2 thumbs up from me! Kudos!

Margaret G.

I have a ton of food allergies, knowing that I can have a 'safe for me' meal or snack AND that its delicious, all I can say is THANK YOU!!

Sarah B.

I love all the flavors so far!! Can’t believe something gluten free and low sugar is so good!

Ashley D.

This granola is our go-to for a sweet, healthy snack. All these flavors are amazing - Gourmet Granola is the only granola for us!

Lisa H.

Love the fact that my husband and I can now have granola bars again, since these are gluten free! They are so delicious!!

Danielle S.

Finding gluten free and dairy free items can be hard. I found you guys at the Des Moines Farmers Market and bought some granola to try. It is amazing! I ordered some cinnamon vanilla granola bars the next day, and they are just as amazing! I plan to continue ordering from you guys and can't wait to try more products!

Courtney G.

Frustrated with infertility a business was born.

Born from loss. Built on love.

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Gluten Free • Dairy Free • Soy Free • NOT Delicious Free •

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