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Avocado Toast - Bacon Me Crazy Style

Avocado Toast - Bacon Me Crazy Style

Avocado Toast - Bacon Me Crazy Style

It's #toasttuesday and we're celebrating with our underdog Bacon Me Crazy granola πŸ₯“. It's the perfect savory granola to top off your avocado toast with. If you want to make it extra special add a fried running egg with it.

We don't show off this granola too often as it is a very different type of granola. It's a bit sweet and a bit savory with a smoky flavor. I don't recommend it for yogurt, although there are a few customers that LOVE it on cottage cheese. It also makes a great #glutenfree topping on salads or a substitute for breading in meatloaf or burgers. The uses for this granola are endless.

This would also be a great gift to your bacon lover friend, coworker, boss or to yourself!

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